Friday, September 25, 2015

Some Don'ts in Google Adsense

My revenue drops in Google Adsense. Not much. From US$ 30/month to US$ 9/month. Thank God I have a job and many side jobs. Otherwise I cannot support my family.
One thing that bugs me is I earn US$ 30 where my web's traffic is very little. After getting more and more visitos, how come the revenue is down? Not up? The RPM down from 1.35 (1 US$ for 1000 pageviews) into 0.2 only. 
Well, some violations I did is:

1. Create the same content in more than one blogs. Though all the blogs are mine, but it's forbidden. I delete 1 blog and remove Adsense in another blog. Because I use 2 blog provider to store my personal information just in case one of them down I used to have blog in Angelfire and Multiply where both of them are dead now.

2. I used some copy right photos in some posts. How foolish of me! But I am not a real journalist after all. Just a common blogger. A Newbie. I just delete the posts. In some post, I just remove the photo.

Well, no photo today since I am afraid in using copy right photos... :)

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