Monday, April 13, 2015

Wahhabi's Dirty Trick to Destroy Opponents Google Rank

If you know ISIS, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram, etc, remember, they are all Wahhabists.
Wahhabi is very tricky. They use dirty ways to destroy their opponent. E.g., This is the Wahhabi project to eliminate their opponents' website from Google first pages. So if people try to search Islamic contents, they will end up in Wahhabists pages. Not others.
They ask people to fill in the form of their opponents websites. Though their opponents are Shia, but other Muslims except Wahhabi are regarded as Shia as well.
After they get the list of "Shia" websites, then they will report the websites to google or google adsense. They have thousands of members to do that.
No wonder my blogspot blogs such as,,, etc that usually get Google Adsense revenue up to US$ 3/day, now only US$ 0.09/day... :) Even if you search the title post on the blogs in, you will not find it even in the 10th page!