Monday, December 16, 2013

Snow in Arab!

Arab is a very hot place. Yet, this time snow falls in Arab! The snow covers Syria, Egypt, Jordan, and even Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates!
Many Arab people were very happy. They throw snows and even make snow statues.
Is it just an ordinary natural event? Or a sign from Allah? Snow is used in a prayer to wash away the dirt/sins. Will Allah cleans the Arab from all the dirt?

A man in Palestine standing with a statue of a long range M75 rocket.

Men play with snows in Amman, Jordan.

Snow falls in Tabuk (1500 km from Riyadh), Saudi Arabia.

It's not a Hoax.
It's true. The news also published in Reuter:

Seorang warga Arab Saudi bermain salju di Tabuk

Video: Watch Saudi Arabian man's hilarious snow fail as he jumps into country's first snow in 100 years

This is why we don't have snow in Saudi Arabia:


Other News:


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