Monday, September 21, 2015

How Come Google Adsense Earning Become So Low?

I used to earn about US$ 30 per month Google Adsense. It's around US$ 1 a day. Not much but it's OK. I estimate for 1,000 page views I get 1 dollar.
But recently my revenue is lower and lower. It could get US$ 8 / month. Less than 1/3 as before.
And today only US$ 0.06 only with  698 page views.  My calculation I get at least US$ 0.6 for 698 page views. How come it's only US$ 0.06 only? Only US$ 1 for 10,000 page views.

In Google Adsense there is report button. If my blogs Criticize ISIS and Al Qaeda and their Cyber Armies reporting my blogs to Google, would it decrease my earning?

If it so, too bad.

Response in Google Forum:
Lori said:
I found 2 identical blogs. One is a WP site and one a blogger site. They both have Talk and Chats about life.  So here is one issue.  They probably both belong to you and your creating your content twice, thus creating duplicate copy. Even if your the owner of the content you can't do that. Pick one.

Next your blog topics are not really great quality.  One is something about US Maps.  Um... that's kind of covered by well just about every map program, app, phone company, and Google themselves. By the time anyone finds your site in the search engines they could walk to where ever they are going.

  Google practices freedom of speech as long as it's original, not adult etc. You have that beheading photo that went viral in one of your posts. Unless you were personally there snapping those awful photos, the photo isn't yours to use. It's copyright violations. I didn't look long enough to see if it was the beheading video or just the photo. That is not family friendly.

  I highly doubt your a threat to Isis.  People talk about them all the time. Right now my Father is in a heated debate about ISIS on my FB page because I posted an article about them. I am letting Dad have his fun. It's his first internet flame war. He is so cute I don't want to stop him. I am in no way frightened that Isis is going to hack into my account.  I would bore them to death.

Thanks Lori for your answer, I do appreciate it.

I don't know if having 2 identical blogs in wordpress and blogspot is a violation. I'll pick one of them.

About quality, I believe a page view is a page view and a click is a click. The more people visit, it means OK. Especially some of my posts have many liked. That's what is blogging about.

Yes photos of beheading people is not from me directly. But I spread it to inform the danger of ISIS and Al Qaeda. Should I pay copy right photos to ISIS and Al Qaeda? Many Media are doing the same.For you in USA where Muslim is only 2% talking about ISIS is fun. No threat at all. But it's different in Syria or Indonesia where Muslims are 80% of the population (including me). They have FB Groups that has more than 24,000 members. That is enough to make the reports either to Facebook or Google to lower my rank.

For your information, 10 of 48 websites they called SHIA (Their number one enemy) are my blogs. is on the list. Just look:

If it's in on the list, then it will be target for sabotage. has global Alexa Rank 29,234 and no 615 in Indonesia. It's affiliated to Al Qaeda. You'll find many Jihad words on the website. And this List is viral to many websites or blogs such as this:

There is on that list. I have some friends in Indonesia threatened of beheaded by ISIS fans.

If there is a post with problem, I will appreciate if Google pin point the problem post or delete it directly.

Best regards

Agus Nizami


  1. The real reasons for your low revenue are quite a few.
    1. A lot of people using adblock nowadays.
    2. The content you post have low advertiser interest. Means that few or maybe no one is buying ads on Adwords using the keywords on your content.
    3. Google's smart pricing is in action. It means the people that actually click on the ads aren't profitable for the advertisers. They don't buy anything, sign up etc.
    4. The traffic you receive are from low CPC countries.
    These could be among the few reasons for a very low revenue.

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