Monday, April 7, 2014

Putin Prepares for a Nuclear War - Russia Could Turn US into Radioactive Dust

Since Obama keep on bullying Russia for the joining Crimea into Russia's Federation after a referendum, Vladimir Putin prepares for a Nuclear War. Russia's military has begun the Nuclear War Drill. According to the Russian daily Nezavisimaya Gazeta, on Russia’s Strategic Missile Forces began a 3-day exercise for nuclear war involving 10,000 soldiers.
FYI, Uni Soviet in 1961 has detonated the biggest nuclear bomb ever: Tsar Bomba with 50 megaton of TNT. It is 3,300 times more powerful than atomic bomb in Hiroshima. When the nuclear war happen, maybe US citizens could feel what the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki feel... :)
So, when a TV anchor in Russia State TV, Dmitry Kiselyov, said that Russia could turn the United States into radioactive ash, he is not exaggerating it! He tell you the truth!

Russia has 8,500 nuclear warheads. Each nuclear bomb at least 100 times more powerful than atomic bomb in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Just look at the video:

Russia also has many intercontinental balistic missiles that could reach more than 10,000 km. Far enough to reach New York, Washington DC, and any other cities in USA. It could be launched not only from Silo. But also from moving trucks and undetectable submarines!

So, bullying a country that has 8,500 nuclear warheads such as Russia is not a wise thing to do. The result will not be the same like bullying Libya or Syria.
Video of Russia submarine launching ICBM missiles with nuclear warhead that could reach more than 11,000 km. Each submarine could launch 10 missiles and undetectable!:

Crimea area is 26,100 km2 with population 2.4 million people. 58% of them are Russians, 26% Ukrainians, and 12% Crimean Tatars. So, if after referendum most of the Crimean people want to join Russia, what's a big deal about it? Is US government or Obama want a nuclear war with Russia?

97% of the Crimean people choose to join Russia.
The Crimean Referendum is much better than US invasion in Panama, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc which spill a lot of blood.

About Tsar Bomba
On 30 October 1961, the Soviet Union detonated the Tsar Bomba nuclear bomb over the Novaya Zemlya archipelago in northern Russia.
In an atmospheric test in 1961 it had a yield of 50 megatons - 3,300 times as powerful as the Hiroshima bomb and 1,400 times as powerful as the Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear bombs combined.

Russia's Military Begins Nuclear War Drill
Submitted by Zachary Zeck of The Diplomat,

While much Western attention has been bestowed on Russia’s military buildup near Ukraine, Moscow also began a massive nuclear offensive exercise on Thursday.

According to the Russian daily Nezavisimaya Gazeta, on Thursday Russia’s Strategic Missile Forces began a massive three-day exercise involving 10,000 soldiers and 1,000 pieces of equipment from more than 30 units. The major purpose of the drill, according to the report—which cites multiple senior Russian military officers—is to ensure Russia’s Strategic Missile Forces have sufficient readiness to conduct offensive operations involving the massive and simultaneous use of nuclear missiles.

State TV says Russia could turn US to 'radioactive ash'
AFP By Stuart Williams

A picture taken on October 10, 2011, shows Russian television journalist Dmitry Kiselyov posing for a photo after receiving a medal of Friendship during an awarding ceremony in the Kremlin in Moscow (AFP Photo/Mikhail Klimentyev)

Moscow (AFP) - A leading anchor on Russian state television on Sunday described Russia as the only country capable of turning the United States into "radioactive ash", in an incendiary comment at the height of tensions over the Crimea referendum.

"Russia is the only country in the world realistically capable of turning the United States into radioactive ash," anchor Dmitry Kiselyov said on his weekly news show on state-controlled Rossiya 1 television.

Ukraine: Crimea 'to join Russia' after referendum: live
Crimea formally declares independence from Ukraine after referendum as EU expected to threaten Russia with a new cold war - follow latest updates
10.00 London (GMT), 12.00 Kiev (EET), 14.00 Moscow (MSK), 02.00 Washington (PST) Good morning and welcome to our live coverage of the Ukraine crisis, after Crimea voted in its referendum by nearly 97 per cent to break away from Crimea.
Our correspondent Roland Opliphant is on the ground in Simferopol and sends these words summing up the situation there this morning:

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