Thursday, August 29, 2013

How to Avoid Divorce and Have a Happy Marriage

Many people get divorced. And many People often fight fiercely with their spouse in their marriage. It's like living in hell.
How do we avoid divorce and have a happy marriage?

First step is to find the right one for you. If your family or relatives recommend the good one for you, then you should consider it to be your wife. At least you meet him/her to find out he/she is the right one for you.

It is a lot better than you find him/her on your own. Love is blind. And you cannot see his/her faults since you are blinded by love.

Find one with good character. If he/she is angry, he/she just keep silent. Not saying bad things that hurt you. And not beating you up. Avoid liars. Also avoid people who like to expose their body in public. Because probably they will stay the same and invite other people to your marriage.

If there is a conflict and you will find a lot of conflict in your marriage, one of you should give up. It would be better you and your spouse take turn to become the next "Winner" or "Looser" in the conflict. If both are mad in the conflict, then the gate of divorce will be wide open.

Many people get divorced because they are poor. They don't have enough money to support the family. Or the Husband become an unemployment for a very long years.

If that happen, don't get divorced quickly. Get a job or business to support your family. If you think your husband's character is good and he has potential, keep supporting him so he can find a job or business to support you. Even if it takes years.

I know a couple like that where the wife works to support her family. Finally after a very long years the husband get a good job. Her husband not only can support his family. But also support his wife when his wife get a very bad disease so she cannot work again. It's better to be patient than to be divorced.

Don't cheat on your spouse
If you have a monogamy commitment, then don't cheat on your spouse.
You shouldn't have any other man/woman beside your spouse!
The violation of this rule could end up with divorce.

Usually men are have longer sex age longer than women. When most women are frigid on their 50's, men are still active until 60's. So, choosing a 10 years younger women are very good for men who have a strong sexual needs.

Try to have kids because kids could make your bond stronger. Grow them up together.

Visit your relatives / friends together 1-2 times a month so you have an intermezzo. Because being together all the times could make the conflict potential greater. You need other people too, especially relatives or friends.

You will have differences with your spouse, so get used to it. If the difference is annoying you, try to discuss it nicely. Don't make him/her angry. If he/she does, then you have to be patient and get used to it.

Nobody's perfect. You and your spouse also not perfect. So accept the your spouse with all the good and the bad he/she has. Just the way he/she is.



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