Thursday, November 7, 2013

Map of USA with the States and Capital Cities

Map of USA with the States and Capital Cities
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Map of USA with the States and Capital Cities and Big Cities like New York, Los Angeles, Detroit, etc:

US Topographic Map with mountains and rivers. To view larger image, place your cursor above the map, right click the mouse, open in new tab, look at the new tab:

Independence from Great Britain
 - Declared July 4, 1776
 - Recognized September 3, 1783
 - Constitution June 21, 1788
 - Total 9,826,675 km2[4][c] (3rd/4th)
3,794,101 sq mi
 - Water (%) 6.76
 - 2013 estimate 316,995,000[5] (3rd)
 - Density 34.2/km2 (179th)
88.6/sq mi



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