Tuesday, October 6, 2015

My Google Adsense Earnings Made Me Laugh... :)

My Google Adsense Earnings Made Me Laugh... :)
At first when I get US$ 30/month I am very optimist. I thought I could earn more if I write more. But then I am become sad. Especially when some of my blogs appeared as Shia websites on many Wahhabi website such as Arrahmah, SyiahIndonesia, etc:
My blog http://talkandchats.blogspot.com is on no. 45.

It means they will report my blogs or my Google ads as inappropriate, etc.
After my blog on the Shia list, my Google Adsense earning is dropping. At first I am sad and frustrated. But now I am laughing. For 965 pageviews I used to get US$ 0,96. Now I am not getting even US$ 0.096. But only US$ 0.07.

On October 8th 2015 the record is broken again. It's S$0.07 / 1,022 Page views:

Thank God I am still working... :)

Of course I makes mistakes. But I cannot view my mistakes in Google report. I could see number of pageview, click, earning. But not mistakes.

Is anyone that use Google Adsense have the same experience?

But it seems I am not the only one. The solution is: get a good job!


9:40 am on Oct 1, 2015 (gmt 0)
WebmasterWorld Senior Member Top Contributors Of The Month
My AdSense life is almost over, good luck to those who are still earning.

4:56 pm on Oct 1, 2015 (gmt 0)
Okay, I'll be the first to jump in. Appallingly low CTR -- less than 1/4 of 1%, though perfectly fine CPC, and estimated earnings taking realtime clawbacks, over and over again. It's like, "Here, here's ten dollars. Whoops, I'll take five back. Nope, nope, here's three. Oh, here's another four. Wah-hey, whoops, let me take back those ten!"

Here's to a big improvement!

10:30 am on Oct 5, 2015 (gmt 0)
Something happened to Adsense earnings yesterday Sunday afternoon. RPM started to decline and it looks terrible right now. At the same time, my Adwords campaign isn't recording the costs for serving ads outside of the U.S. Perhaps Google has a reporting issue going on.

4:08 pm on Oct 5, 2015 (gmt 0)

5+ Year Member Top Contributors Of The Month
Removing Adsense ads slowly. I am giving way too much ad space to a program that returns very little.

All other revenue channels are doing good, Adsense swirling around in the bowl. And I don't mean the cereal bowl :)


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