Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Joko Widodo: The Untold Stories

A Real Simple or just an Act?

Many Western Mass Media such as The New York Times, Washington Post, Time, etc describe the new Indonesia President, Joko Widodo (Jokowi) as a very good person. He is very smart, clean, honest, and very simple. Is that true?

Well, let's see what Indonesian people, at least me as a Jakarta citizen talk the truth about Joko Widodo. I will quote news from Indonesian National Mass Media and also my experience as a Jakarta and Indonesia citizen. You could see the pictures here.

Joko Widodo (Jokowi) become president at October 20th 2014. At November 18th he raises Gasoline Price (Octane 88) from Rp 6500 to Rp 8500 per liter. 1 dollar = Rp 12,000. It means the gasoline price raise from US$ 0.54/liter to US$ 0.71/liter. Almost the same price with gasoline price on Gulf Coast USA which around US$ 0.72. But remember, minimum wage in Jakarta is Rp 2,400,000 per month ( US$ 200 per month) while in US around US$ 1,500 per month.

No wonder there are riots in Indonesia after Jokowi announced the raise of Gasoline and Diesel Price.

When become the Governor of Jakarta, Jokowi raised house / land's tax so people have to pay more than 1,300% from previous tax payment. Jokowi also promise he will eliminate Jakarta's problem such as: Traffic Jam and Flood. Yet the traffic jam become worse. Last night on November 19th, from Blok M to Kebon Nanas (distance: 17km) from 17:00 o clock arrived at home at 20:30 o clock. It takes 2.5 hours to cover distance 17 km. The speed is 4.9 kmh! I took the Trans Jakarta Bus (Busway) which has its own road.

In November the flood has attack Jakarta. Usually only on December, January, February only. Even in June and July there are floods in Jakarta.

Talking about corruption, Jokowi import 1,000 buses from China for Trans Jakarta Buses (Busway). The price is marked up from US$ 100,000 to US$ 300,000 per bus. Actually Indonesia's companies such as a state owned company: INKA has made buses. Yet Jokowi choose to buy the buses from China. Only Jokowi's  subordinates went to jail. Jokowi is out of touch while he actually should sense the mark-up. China's products are cheap. So why suddenly become so expensive?

In Solo, many Jokowi's projects have failed such as the making of Indonesian Cars: Esemka. Jokowi work together with SMK high schools to create Indonesian Cars from 2008. Yet until now, the cars are nothing but prototipes which took components from other cars. I never see Esemka car in Jakarta's street until now. Jokowi said he is only a brand ambassador! H Sukiyat, the maker of Esemka car is threatened to be killed if he talk Esemka is just taking components from other car. You could see the news from Indonesian Mass Media here (it's in Indonesian):

Another failed project is a Railbus Batara Kresna in Solo. It has only 2 railbust with 3 carriages only. Actually Solo People don't need the Railbus since they have a lot of trains with 8 carriages.

You could see how humble and simple Jokowi from these pictures. Are they real or just an act?
Jokowi as a Sweeper
Jokowi menyapu halaman kantor Tribun di Jalan Palmerah Selatan, Jakarta. Senin (16/4/2012):

Jokowi as a Pedicab Driver and Food Seller

Jokowi rent a Private Jet which cost US$ 7,500/hour

Sewa Jet untuk Jokowi US$ 7.500 per Jam

Simple Life is spread through Mass Media while on Private Jet we hardly see it

Jokowi's Teams' private jets

Jokowi rent a US$ 35,000 per year. That's quite expensive for Indonesian people

Di Menteng, Jokowi Sewa Rumah Rp 400 Juta

Jokowi wears a US$ 9 shirt and it's spread world wide while on the campaign he wear a nice suit

You could see the whole pictures here:

Jokowi in APEC's forum said Indonesia's land is very rich. We want to build hundreds of airport. But our budget is limited. This is your opportunity, he said to the CEOs of MNCs. It's just like selling Indonesia to foreign countries. Jokowi also buy 1,000 buses from China while the Indonesian companies could make them, want to buy monorails from China, 3 units of a US$ 350 million Global Hawk drone from US, etc. It's just wasting Indonesian money.

It will be better if Jokowi is offering Indonesia's product like CN-235 planes which used by US Coast Guard, Ships, Buses, etc from Indonesia to the foreign leaders. It's better that way instead of begging money from the foreign investors.

I believe you won't see the information or pictures from the western mass media... :)


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