Wednesday, July 9, 2014

World Cup 2014: German Beats Brazil 7:1

In 29 minutes, German hits Brazil with 5 goals. Those goals are made by Toni Kroos (2 goals), Mueller, Klose, and Sami Khedira (Saamii Khodiiroh). Sami is a Muslim from Tunisia descendant. He is 27 years old with 189 cm tall.
The Germans play very effective like a machine. They are just like a body. Every passing is very accurate and fast. It's very effective to make the goal. 
While Brazil though their individual skill is quite excellent, but the teamwork is poor. Especially Brazil's star, Neymar is absent in this match.

The German players is tall, slender, and full with muscle. Their hands are mediocre, but their feets are very strong! They move very fast. The game ended up with score 7:1 for German. The only goal from Brazil is made by Oscar while 2 additional goals by German is made by Andre Schurrle. This make German go to the World Final.

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Thomas Muller scores to give Germans early lead after being left completely unmarked from a corner
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Andre Schurrle hits in a fantastic finish as the host nation’s fans applaud Germans

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