Monday, October 28, 2013

The Superheros

Goku vs Superman

If Sun Goku fight against Superman, who will win? Actually there will not be any fight since both are the good guys. But if there is a fight, let's see some of the fictious facts:
- Superman can destroy earth
- Superman can fly
- Superman is weak against kryptonite

- Goku's opponent can destroy not only earth, but also a Galaxy. And Goku beat him

Based on the fact, I will choose Sun Goku as the winner.
Here is the video of Broly, one of Goku's enemies destroy a Southern Galaxy:

Galaxy could consist of 1 TRILLION STARS. And a Star could be 1 million times of the Earth's size!

Hulk vs Superman

Hulk's strength is temporarily. Hulk cannot fly and get hurt if shot by tanks though he will recovered soon.
Based on that, I choose Superman as the winner.

Superman vs Batman

Well, Batman is only an ordinary man with special suit and tools. He cannot fly. He is not bulletproof. So the winner is Superman!


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