Tuesday, October 15, 2013

How to Prevent and Cure Influenza or Cold

How to prevent and cure influenza or cold?
There are many things you can do.
You can strengthen your body by do the jogging about 30-60 minutes 3 times a week. If you are exhausted, then walk.

Then you can consume 2 spoon of honey in the morning and night. At night just drink a hot lemon tea. You could add ginger if you want to.
Drink hot drinks and avoid cold drinks or ice.
2-3 capsules of Black Seed's oil 2 times a day is very good.
Well, that is the natural way to prevent and cure influenza.
If you like chemical drugs with some bad side effects, just drink 0,5 mg of dexamethasone and half of 500 mg of Amoxycillin tablet if your body weight 60 kgs. If your weight is 30 kgs, just eat half of them.

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