Sunday, August 10, 2014

Unique Bicycles Around the World

These are the Unique Bicycles Around the World

BikeBus with ten sets of pedals can carry up to 16 people in Colorado, USA. Ten have to pedal, one has to serve drinks and the other five can just enjoy the ride. The BikeBus staffer has controls for steering and braking, while it hits a top speed of 5-7mph, depending on the energy levels of the pedaling passengers.
f you get tired and thirsty, you can take a rest and drink!

Hummer-Bike in Kitchener, Ontario. The city is only 136 km2 with 204,000 people.

Cargo Cycling in Denmark.

A good father bike with his 3 children...

Triobike – Stroller, Trike, Bicycle Hybrid
Drive the kids to daycare, convert triobike into a bicycle, and then ride the bike to work.
It retails for 2375 Euros (around $3200 US Dollars)

Chopper bikes are cool… if you are about 12:)

ThisWay By Torkel Dohmers

With ten sets of pedals, the BikeBus is what bicycle lovers must ride

Crossing Canada: Montreal to Kitchener

Promoting Cargo Cycling in the European Union

Five for Friday – Unique Bicycles

10 Most Creative and Unique Concept Bicycles

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