Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Duel After Twitter War

Duel After Twitter War
After having heated arguments in Twitter, @redinparis (Roysepta Abimanyu) and @panca66 (Cipta Panca Laksana, 48 years old), settle their arguments in a street fight in Istora Senayan (Indonesian Sport Center). But they fight not in the boxing ring, instead in the parking lot. 
After 2 minutes of fighting, @panca66 won the fight. @panca66 is Prabowo's supporter, while @redinparis is Joko Widodo's supporter. Prabowo and Joko Widodo are the Indonesian Presidential Candidates on 2014 Election.
Both supporters were documenting the fight. Some of them taking the pictures and upload them to twitter, while others make video and upload the fight to youtube...

To avoid this kind of fighting, just respect others' tweets no matter how stupid you think. If someone bullying you, just block or band him/her.

The tweets before and after the fight.

Klarifikasi Mengenai Perkelahian Tanding
Sehubungan dengan duel atau perkelahian tanding antara saya, Roysepta Abimanyu (pemilik akun @redinparis) dan sdr. Cipta Panca Laksana (pemilik akun @panca66) pada Rabu tanggal 11 Februari 2015, sekitar pk. 19.00 di depan Istora Senayan, saya merasa perlu memberikan beberapa klarifikasi:

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