Sunday, February 16, 2014

Prosumer Camera: A Good Camera with Affordable Price

If you see the pictures of DSLR camera, you would be very surprised. The photos is so good. So detailed and vivid. But the price of DSL camera is very high. You would rather spend your money on your babies milks or diapers... :)
While the pocket camera though very cheap, the results also very cheap. Not adorable.
But now there is a Prosumer Camera. A camera between the professional and consumer camera. With the quality almost as good as DSLR or Professional Camera, but with affordable price.

Let's see the Sony Prosumer Camera:

Highlights View Specifications:
20.1 megapixels
26x optical zoom
720p HD video
3.0" LCD
Creative Picture Effects
Beauty Effects
AA battery power
360° Sweep Panorama mode
Advanced flash
iAuto mode
Face Detection and Smile Shutter™ technologies

It uses 4 AAs battery and has multi USB cable.

This is the picture from a prosumer camera:

You could see the original picture here:


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