Sunday, February 9, 2014

Schapelle Corby: Did She Smuggle 4.2 Kg of Marijuana?

Australian people and Media believe Schapelle Corby is innocent. People could put the 4.2 kg of Marijuana into Corby's bag without Corby's knowing.
4.2 kgs put into Corby's bag and she didn't realize that her bag become heavier and report about it to the local police? Get real!
4.2 kgs is quite heavy. If people slip less than 1 kg, maybe we cannot feel it. But what about 4.2 kg?
Millions of Australian people come to Bali every year. Why the Indonesian police "choose" Corby as their victim? Corby is not famous. She is not rich either. Why choose her?
Corby is released now. But still stay in Indonesia.
Actually Indonesian presiden, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono should deport Corby to Australia. So Corby could sell marijuana in Australia. Not in Indonesia.

Why Schapelle's story grips Australia
This is how, almost nine years ago, millions of Australians witnessed live on TV Schapelle Corby make the descent from one-time Gold Coast beauty student to convicted drug smuggler, sentenced to 20 years in an Indonesian jail for importing 4.1kg of marijuana in a boogie board bag.
Corby senior, who died in 2008, denied any knowledge of the drugs found on his daughter.

Asked if she's guilty or not, Duff, whose book, Sins of the Father, informs the new tele-movie, replies: "absolutely guilty". But he has sympathy for her "years lost". "It's a massive chunk of your life," he says.

Corby was arrested in 2004 with 4.2kg of marijuana and sentenced to 20 years' jail. She was granted five years' clemency from Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in 2012.

'On parole drug smuggler' Schapelle Corby set to become bikini designer

Schapelle Corby is innocent – part 9 – the abominable silence. By Gerry Georgatos

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