Monday, September 22, 2014

Old Time Selfies

In the old time selfies, beside a camera that is usually quite big, mirror play an important role. The camera is so big, but only could capture part of your face so you have to use a mirror. And they had to wait for days before they could see the photo printed by the photo printing services.
So you have to thank God because we could use smartphone and see the photo instantly in your camera.
Russian Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna uses a mirror and a Kodak Brownie box camera to take a self-portrait on October 1914. (Wikimedia Commons)

The chemist Robert Cornelius takes a selfie in 1839. (Wikimedia Commons)

A Selfie like this one taken by a woman in 1900 were among millions by amateur photographers all over the world.They had to wait for days before the photos could be printed by photo printing services.

Belgian painter Henri Evenepoel took this selfie in 1898. Picture: Henri Evenepoel/Flickr Source: Supplied

Old Time Selfie...


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