Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Difference Between Popular and Spammer

Too bad...
Blog kabarislam.wordpress.com is suspended by Wordpress.
There is a possibility that some people dislike its postings and ask Wordpress to suspend it.
Some posts of the Blog is spread world wide by its readers. MANY PEOPLE SPREAD THE POSTINGS because they love it and think other people deserve to read them also. It means the posts are popular.
What about Spammer?
Spammer spread usually by one people who own the post. Or spread by someone/company paid by the owner of the post / blog. Sometimes they use Spam Machine to do that.
They spread the post automatically whether the people like the post or not.
That is the difference between the Popular Blog and the Spammer Blog. The first spread by many people who love it. The second is spread by a few people only.
Your site has been suspended from WordPress.com for violating the Terms of Service. If you believe your site was suspended in error, please contact us as soon as possible and we will review your suspension. (To learn more about what is and is not allowed, please see section 2 of our terms and our types of blogs page.)

For a limited time, you will still be able to log in to this Dashboard and export your content under Tools → Export. You can self-host your site using the WordPress.org software, though other hosting services may have similar restrictions. If you need help moving, please refer to our guide.

Just curious why?
If many people visit our blog, eg could reach more than 6,000 page view a day and there are many FB like such as more than 10,000 in ONE POST it means our blog is very popular.
Yes some people such as extreme Islam don't like our posting such as:



Please consider to open our blog again...

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