Monday, September 2, 2013

We Cannot Feed the Poor but We can Fund Many Wars ?

Cannot Feed the Poor
Yet can Fund many Wars....

Afghanistan War, Iraq War, Libya War, Syria War, Yemen War, etc...

syria news
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Syria News# We Can't Feed the Poor but We can Fund a War..?

Only 9% of the American citizens want war with Syria, while 60% strongly oppose it, according to a recently made study by Reuters news agency. 

Yet these tyrants keep beating the drums for war. Ignoring people's will, ignoring the fact that we're in an economic crisis, and they keep lying to us that they have no money for our health care, for our education, for our infrastructure, even for our salaries. It is incredible though how much money can be found to wage another illegal and horrific war against a nation who is already torn apart by a two year civil conflict - which was again ignited, supported and funded by the West.

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